How To Buy Bitcoin on Cash To Crypto

With Cash To Crypto all you need is your ID, a bitcoin wallet, and cash. You are not required to have a bank account whatsoever. To buy bitcoin, just place an order, deposit cash, and upload your receipt photos. Orders are usually processed in just a few minutes after this is completed.


Step 1:

Register an account with Cash To Crypto. Upload a photo of your ID and submit your bitcoin wallet address on your profile to be able to place an order.


Step 2:

After clicking “Buy Bitcoins” you will be taken to a page which lists all sellers and their advertisements. The seller`s limits, rate, and bank will be listed.


Step 3:

After choosing an advertisement that is open, click “Buy” and you will be taken to the terms of trade screen. Enter in the amount of bitcoin you would like to purchase and your bitcoin wallet address. Then click “get bitcoins”. You will have 120 minutes to make the deposit and upload your photos.


Step 4:

Upload a photo of your receipt and a selfie of you holding the receipt


Step 5:

Your seller will process your order usually within a few minutes if instructions are followed properly